Local residents interested in learning more or signing up - We ask that you sign up for our free consultation to allow us to discover more about you, what you want, & why that's important to you. To request an appointment, go to our Getting Started page. 

Out of town athletes looking to drop in - We request that you have at least 3 months of CrossFit experience at an Affiliate prior to coming in for a class. Find the class you would like to attend and fill out our Drop In Athlete Form. Your initial drop in is $25 and $20 for each follow up visit. 

Not sure if the group class is best for you? We offer Private & Small Group Training

Parking in the "Tower Garage" (entrance is just to the right of our storefront on Elm St., white sign with red letters) is complimentary for Pac Elm members and those attending classes. Validated parking slips that are valid for 3 hours from the time you enter the garage will be given after classes. ONLY park on level 4 or higher. PARKING IN RESERVED SPOTS IS NEVER ALLOWED.