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To get started started at Pac Elm, read below and let us know more about you!


Every person has their own unique goals and hang-ups. We want to discover everything about you, what you want, & why that's important to you. Once we have that we can start to show you the proper solution.


After we get a sense for who we are working for, we want to get you in here ASAP. You are not buying a gym membership, you are investing in a coach-led process. We will screen you for functional movement and customize the process of becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself.


Once you feel comfortable with the 'socialization of CrossFit', you'll feel confident and comfortable in our community. The entire class schedule is yours for the taking.

Not sure if the group class is best for you? We offer Private One-On-One Training

What do I get with my membership?

With your membership, you are provided a complimentary assessment/evaluation before you start. Then one of our experience coaches will take you through 1-3 private one-on-one training sessions to learn how to preform the fundamental movements in a safe and efficient manner. Upon completion of your privates sessions & with approval from a coach, you will get unlimited access to our instructor led small group training classes. During this time you will be provided guidance and feedback from a qualified coach on how to move safely and efficiently. Our facilities are top of the line and include branding new workout equipment and full men's & women's locker rooms with 4 showers in each. There are no contracts and memberships can be cancelled at anytime with a 15 day notice.